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a people can ‘use their computer to host a permanent Website-t not least without special software. If you’e still concerned, you can call your ISP to ask if they provide service to fixed IP address, and at what cost. Planning a website The last thing you need before you start building a website is to be buried under a avalanche theory. However, each new web page can save time and effort to do a bit ‘to plan ahead. In the following sections, we consider some guidelines to go fast on the right track. Types of sites You do not have much opportunity to create a successful website if you have not decided what is for. Some people have a precise goal in mind (like getting hired for a job or promoting a book), while others are only planning to release their self-expression. In any case, check the following list to get a handle on different types of Web sites can be created: • The personal websites are all about you. As the world becomes more and more web-savvy, it seems all is to build row houses. Whether it’s sharing images to Junior relatives, a chronicle of a trip to Kuala Lumpur, or simply send your latest thoughts and obsessions, a personal website is the place to do it. When designing a personal website, you are ambitious as you want be. If all you need is a hub for chatting with friends or a place to share images, can save you a lot ‘of problems with the signature on a social network as