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a book on Amazon.com, making a bid on eBay, or conduct a search on Google. (Thinking of a number ” close to zero?) To make your website accessible in that top sites should stick to commonly accepted standards of Internet follow the advice in this book, and try your site on different computers. It is widely noted that the average ref; ; Web space passes through three stages of maturity: 1) “‘just learning so I’l keep it simple “2)” Web guru, and I’l prove it from accumulating on the characteristics of «3)« e »burnt by your browser compatibility problems, so I’l keep it simple. “Components of a website Now that you know what kind of website you want to build, it’s time to get minutes. Building a site is not only to get a good design and writing solid material. You should also coordinate with other companies to get your website onto the World Wide Web (and give it an attractive location as www.StylinViolins.com). 18 creating a website: the missing manual The ingredients of a Website This quick maps shopping list of what every website needs-ND tells you where will learn about it the rest of this book: • Websites. Each site consists of individual pages. To create a backbone page, you should understand HTML (HyperText Markup Language), language on the Web. We first create your site in the next chapter. • Web space. Creating websites is fun, but for other people to see them, you We put them on a web server. In Chapter 3, consider your options To get your first website online, or through fee-based service or free alternative. • A domain name. There is a huge difference between the website address www . InetConnections.com / users / ~ jMallone012/web and www.JackieMallone.com. You can get your own personal domain name, if available. It is free, but not expensive, either-Bout $ 10 or $ 15 per year. If you want to put your website address on a business card or a brochure for a small business, your own domain name is really the best option. In Chapter 3, you will learn how to buy one. Note: The domain name is the first part of a web address, which identifies the web server to “save and serve your site. At www.ebay.com URL / help / index.html, the domain name is www.ebay.com. You’l learn more about domain names and addresses URL (abbreviation for Universal Resource Locator, also known such as website addresses), and how they work, in chapter 3. • Design Tools Web. Creating websites from scratch is a great way to learn a new skills but is very slow and painful to create a complete website in this way. To get to the next level should take a professional web design tool. If you have a commercial program like Dreamweaver, you’re in good hands. Even if you do not, many good free and shareware products can help you. Chapter 4 explains your options and help you get started.