Web Design

DOCTYPE, as described in Chapter 2 (page 30). • Test your website in different browsers. Before you pull off a hot design for a new site, create a test page and test the most popular browsers (Right now, ‘IE, Firefox and Chrome). In this way, you won ‘unintentionally create web pages that host your favorite browser ‘whims. Once crashes your initial design of the site, you can scale back your test just two browsers: IE and Firefox, or both Chrome (page rendering is usually consisting of Firefox and Chrome). Web Servers When you type a web address in a browser, a web server receives the browser request and sends back the correct web page. For a busy site, this basic activities can require a lot of work. As a result, web servers tend to be the computer industry. Even though the average Windows PC with the right setup can host a website, is rarely worth it (see box on page 13). Instead, many people have a commercial companies called web hosts, to give them a little ‘space on one of their servers, usually for a monthly fee. In other words, you need to rent space on the web. Sometimes, you can rent this space by the same company that uses Internet access, but may also include server space as part of the package of your Internet connection. But the simplest approach is to use a dedicated web hosting company. In any case, you’re going to copy the sites of new construction to some distant computer that will ensure that audiences around the world can enjoy your talents. Chapter 1: Preparing for the Web 13 Planning a website In Chapter 3 you will learn more about how a web browser navigate the Web to find a specific page. For now, focus on the big picture so you can start planning your first website. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Become a Web Host Can I run a web server? In theory, it is certainly possible. The Web was designed to be an open community, and nobody is out to stop you. In practice, it is not ‘all-or how easy computersavvy relatives you may have. A number of challenges monumental block all but the most ambitious people running their own servers. The first is that you must have a reliable computer that runs 24 hours a day. This computer also needs to perform special web hosting software capable of serving web pages when the browser request them. The next problem is that the computer requires a special type of Internet connection, called a fixed IP address. An IP address is a number that identifies your computer anywhere. (IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the standard super-success, which set out the rules govern how different devices communicate over a network.) In order to have your computer running a website and make sure others can find it, you must make sure your IP address is fixed-n other words, you need to lock down so that ‘not changing. Most ISPs (Internet Service Provider) randomly assigning new IP addresses as they’e and to modify a whim, which means more