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Facebook (www.facebook.com). Or, if you want a calendar-like your site to record life, work, or compulsive hat collection hobby, a personal blog may suit you fine (See, for example, www.blogger.com, which is discussed in Chapter 13). If you slightly more ambitious (say you want to chart five generations of family history) or you want complete control over design (blue forget Facebook), or if you just need a Home Internet to gather various interests, then a customized plan website is the sign of a person with real style. • Rйsumй sites are a specialized type of personal website and a powerful careerbuilding tool. Instead of photocopying a suitcase full of paper resumes, why not send emails and distribute business cards that point on your resume online; Best all with a little planning, online vita you can include more details than the tree-based counterpart, like links to old companies, an online portfolio, and even background music playing “YMCA” (definitely not recommended). • Hot sites focus on a specific topic that interests you. If you want more build a website for their favorite music, art, books, your food, political Traffic or American Idol contestants than it is to talk to you life itself, a topical site is for you. Before you set out to create a site, consider whether other people with similar interest will want to visit and take a look at existing sites on the subject. The best topical sites attract others with the same interest. The worst sites have the same connections dozen you can find anywhere else. Remember, the Web drowning in information. The last thing we need is another Megan Fox Fan Emporium. • Event sites are not designed to overcome the chronic-nstead, which revolve around a specific incident. A common example is a wedding website. The hosts event introduces provide guidance, general information, links to gift registries, some romantic pictures. When the marriage is over, the site disappears-r morphs into something different (as a personal site chronicling the honeymoon). Other events may be facing a similar way include family reunification, costume parties, or do-it-yourself protests. • Promotion of sites is ideal if you want to show you personally produced CD or hot-off-the-presses book. It is geared to get the word out for a specific item, whether handmade ceramics or your own software. Sometimes these sites evolve into small places where you really can sell your pastries (see «Small Business” bullet below). • Small businesses (or e-commerce) sites showcase the most successful use of Web-Elling everything from portable music players to prescription drugs. Ecommerce regions is so widespread that it is difficult to believe that when the Web was first created, making a buck was far from anyone’s mind. Creating a full e-commerce site like Amazon.com or eBay is far beyond the capabilities of a single individual. These sites require the support of complex projects and computer genius-level programming languages. But if you come Web site to make money, do not despair! Innovative companies such as pay Pal and Yahoo providing services that can help you build basket-Tyle sites Chapter 1: Preparing for the Internet 15