Web Designers

Designing a website and accept credit card payments. You can also host Google ads or products hawk from the Amazon site to rake in some cash. You’ll learn about these great tricks in Chapter 14. Once you locate raison d’tre of your website, you need a better picture what are your visitors will be. Knowing and understanding your audience is vital to creating an effective site. (And do not even try to suggest you create a site just yourself-f were no reason to put it on the Internet at all!) The life of your site The Web is constantly changing. Web today is not the same as last year’s-r even Tissue from 15 seconds ago. Here are two valuable truths about life website: • The best sites are always improving. The creators add support for new functions of the browser, tweak their look to match the style trends, and major-ost of all-onstantly add new content. • If a site stops changing, it is a mechanical support. Many large websites have collapsed from neglect. Think of your favorite websites. Chances are, they change daily. A good website is not a please refer to again and leave behind. It is a site that bookmark and return to journals. In a sense, a website is like a TV channel. Although the authors did not add new information, the website shows repetitions. Creating a website is hard enough, and keeping content fresh is even more taxing. Here are some tips that can help you: • Think in stages. When first presented online website, you will not be complete. Instead, think of it as version 1, and start planning some changes for the next version. Slowly and step by step, you can add what you want site to have. • Select the places you can change regularly, and leave the rest alone. None so you can review and revise an entire website every week. Instead, your best strategy is to identify the parts you want to change tactics. On a personal website, For example, you could put in a separate news page and update only that page. In a small business website, you can focus on the home page, so that can advertise new products and upcoming specials. • Design a website that easy to change. This is the most difficult principle to follow, because it requires not only design, but a dash of hard-won experience. As you become more experienced web writer, you will learn how to simplify your life by making your pages easier to update. One method is to separate information several pages, so you can add new content without reorganizing your the entire site. Another is to use style sheets to separate the formatting of your page content (see Chapter 6). That way, you can easily install new hardware without having to reformat the content from scratch to match the rest of your page. 16 creating a website: the missing manual Designing a website Good Design Practice Every year, hundreds of pages “win” prizes to be hopelessly bad. Sometimes profile locations are spinning balls and hot pink text on lime-green background. Other times, have clunky navigation and grotesque flashes backgrounds. But no matter what the sins of design sites that are bad-ideously bad-again bizarre public.