Web Designing

Perhaps it is because creating a website is not really that hard. Or maybe it’s because we all have an urge to play with color, texture and sound and fancy web tools ugliest instincts encourage us. For a look at some all-too-familiar mistakes go to www.angelfire.com / super / badwebs (see Figure 1-3). You can also visit www.worstoftheweb.com, which profiles young offenders each month. Figure 1-3: Here is a website that getting everything wrong, deliberately. With a combination of rolling titles, one crazy flashing background and unreadable text www.angelfire.com/ super / badwebs do good job of showing everything should be avoided your own web pages. This book will teach you to become a professional web designer. However, it will help you learn the art too important not to make bad websites. Throughout this book will find helpful tips, suggestions and warnings about the usability and design issues (see especially the “Design Time” boxes). Meanwhile, here are some general principles that can help make sure you never then to worstof- the-Web list (unless it is desired): Chapter 1: Preparing for the Internet 17 The ingredients of a Website • Keep it simple (and don ‘bother your visitors). You can cram a lot of frills and goodies on a website. But if they serve a purpose, to say no. You will find that the exercise restraint can do some fancy touches seem witty and sophisticated. Adding a very fancy touches can make your site seem intoxicating and hallucinations. If you reduce the tricks will make sure your graphic glitz not overshadow the content of your website and drive visitors away in annoyance. • Be consistent. No matter how reasonable you think your site, the majority visitors probably will not think in the same way. To cut down on confusion using similar organization from one page to another, similar class, similar graphics and links, a single navigation bar, and so on. These touches help make guests feel at home. • Know the audience you. Each type of site has its own unwritten conventions. You No need to follow the same design in an e-commerce store, as do a promotional page for an experimental electric harmonica band. To help you decide what is and is not appropriate, check the many other sites dealing with the same kind of material your own. Up to speed Reaching as many people as possible Not only do you need to understand your audience, you They should understand the capabilities of the computer that audience. ” Good web designers avoid the use of decorative elements in addition to all can try them. Nothing is more frustrating than visit a website “is supposed to have a nice animation and seeing an empty box, simply because your computer doesn ‘have the right browser plug-in (an additional program to give your browser more capable). Nor is any find a fun site that is coated on a wide screen screens, but unbearably tight (or even worse, partly female) in a tiny screen netbook. The creators of the most popular sites to consider carefully such issues. For example, consider the number of people whose computers let you buy