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Hyperlinks. By itself, a single site can only do so much. The real magic begins when you commit a lot of pages that share links. Chapter 8 introduces The flexible hyperlink, which allows guests to move your site. • extras needed. Once you master the basic principles of web pages and websites there is a lot more territory to conquer. You can get your site listed in a search engine (Chapter 11), establish their own community forum you (Chapter 12) and even sell material (Chapter 14). Still hungry for more, why not create interactive code pages with JavaScript (Chapter 15), draw a popup menu (Chapter 16); and add sound and video (Chapter 17)? All these features get beyond the basics web design and put you on your way to becoming a true expert web. 19 Chapter 2 Create your first page W eb page is the basic unit of a web site and any site is a collection of one or more pages. The ideal site contains enough information to fill the width of a browser window, but not so that readers must scroll from morning till noon to get to the bottom of the page. In other words, the perfect page strikes a balance: It avoids the lonely feeling caused by too much empty space, and such as stress caused by an avalanche of information. The best way to get a handle on what a website should have is to see your favorite sites. A site such as news www.nytimes.com show all news articles for a separate page (and most stories divided into several pages.) In an e-commerce store such as www.amazon.com, each product has its own page. Similarly, a personal website as www.MyUndyingLoveForPigTrotters.com could be divided into sites with titles like “About Me”, “Holiday Pictures” and “Top-secret recipes Parts of the Pig ». For now, do not worry too much about how to divide your web pages; I revisit this task in Chapter 8 when you start linking pages together. Instead, we The first objective is to understand how a basic website works and how to create a your own. This is what we do in this chapter. On the road, you will learn the basic details of the most important standards in website design: HTML. Introducing HTML: The language of the Web The pages written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). No matter if your page contains a series of text-only entries blog, a dozen photos Your pet lemur, or a severe scenario-DDS is that if you’re looking at in a browser, a page is HTML. 20 creating a website: the missing manual Introducing HTML: The Language Web HTML plays a key role in web pages: It tells browsers how to display the contents of a Web page using special instructions (called tags) that instruct the browser when to start a paragraph, an italicized word, or to display an image. To create your own web pages, must learn to use this family of labels. HTML is such an important standard that will spend a good part of this book digging the features, ornamentation, and shortcomings. Each building site along the way will be a bona fide document HTML. Note: The HTML template doesn ‘have anything to do with how a web browser retrieves a page on the Web. This task is left to HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol), the low-level communication system that allows two computers to exchange data via the Internet. If you were to apply the analogy of a telephone conversation, the telephone line HTTP, and juicy gossip tidbits you exchange with Aunt Martha documents HTML. Cracking Open an HTML file Within an HTML page is actually nothing more than a simple-vanilla text file. This means that each page consists entirely of letters, numbers and some special characters (including spaces, punctuation, and anything else you can find the your keyboard). An HTML file is completely different from what you find if you cracked open a standard binary file on your computer. A binary file contains original computer language series 0s and 1s. If another program is foolish enough to try to convert This binary information to text, you end up with gibberish. To understand the difference between a text file and a binary file, take a look Figure 2-1, which looks a traditional paper (one file. Doc) Word under the microscope. Compare this with what you see in Figure 2-2, which dissects a HTML document with the same content.

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a book on Amazon.com, making a bid on eBay, or conduct a search on Google. (Thinking of a number ” close to zero?) To make your website accessible in that top sites should stick to commonly accepted standards of Internet follow the advice in this book, and try your site on different computers. It is widely noted that the average ref; ; Web space passes through three stages of maturity: 1) “‘just learning so I’l keep it simple “2)” Web guru, and I’l prove it from accumulating on the characteristics of «3)« e »burnt by your browser compatibility problems, so I’l keep it simple. “Components of a website Now that you know what kind of website you want to build, it’s time to get minutes. Building a site is not only to get a good design and writing solid material. You should also coordinate with other companies to get your website onto the World Wide Web (and give it an attractive location as www.StylinViolins.com). 18 creating a website: the missing manual The ingredients of a Website This quick maps shopping list of what every website needs-ND tells you where will learn about it the rest of this book: • Websites. Each site consists of individual pages. To create a backbone page, you should understand HTML (HyperText Markup Language), language on the Web. We first create your site in the next chapter. • Web space. Creating websites is fun, but for other people to see them, you We put them on a web server. In Chapter 3, consider your options To get your first website online, or through fee-based service or free alternative. • A domain name. There is a huge difference between the website address www . InetConnections.com / users / ~ jMallone012/web and www.JackieMallone.com. You can get your own personal domain name, if available. It is free, but not expensive, either-Bout $ 10 or $ 15 per year. If you want to put your website address on a business card or a brochure for a small business, your own domain name is really the best option. In Chapter 3, you will learn how to buy one. Note: The domain name is the first part of a web address, which identifies the web server to “save and serve your site. At www.ebay.com URL / help / index.html, the domain name is www.ebay.com. You’l learn more about domain names and addresses URL (abbreviation for Universal Resource Locator, also known such as website addresses), and how they work, in chapter 3. • Design Tools Web. Creating websites from scratch is a great way to learn a new skills but is very slow and painful to create a complete website in this way. To get to the next level should take a professional web design tool. If you have a commercial program like Dreamweaver, you’re in good hands. Even if you do not, many good free and shareware products can help you. Chapter 4 explains your options and help you get started.

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Perhaps it is because creating a website is not really that hard. Or maybe it’s because we all have an urge to play with color, texture and sound and fancy web tools ugliest instincts encourage us. For a look at some all-too-familiar mistakes go to www.angelfire.com / super / badwebs (see Figure 1-3). You can also visit www.worstoftheweb.com, which profiles young offenders each month. Figure 1-3: Here is a website that getting everything wrong, deliberately. With a combination of rolling titles, one crazy flashing background and unreadable text www.angelfire.com/ super / badwebs do good job of showing everything should be avoided your own web pages. This book will teach you to become a professional web designer. However, it will help you learn the art too important not to make bad websites. Throughout this book will find helpful tips, suggestions and warnings about the usability and design issues (see especially the “Design Time” boxes). Meanwhile, here are some general principles that can help make sure you never then to worstof- the-Web list (unless it is desired): Chapter 1: Preparing for the Internet 17 The ingredients of a Website • Keep it simple (and don ‘bother your visitors). You can cram a lot of frills and goodies on a website. But if they serve a purpose, to say no. You will find that the exercise restraint can do some fancy touches seem witty and sophisticated. Adding a very fancy touches can make your site seem intoxicating and hallucinations. If you reduce the tricks will make sure your graphic glitz not overshadow the content of your website and drive visitors away in annoyance. • Be consistent. No matter how reasonable you think your site, the majority visitors probably will not think in the same way. To cut down on confusion using similar organization from one page to another, similar class, similar graphics and links, a single navigation bar, and so on. These touches help make guests feel at home. • Know the audience you. Each type of site has its own unwritten conventions. You No need to follow the same design in an e-commerce store, as do a promotional page for an experimental electric harmonica band. To help you decide what is and is not appropriate, check the many other sites dealing with the same kind of material your own. Up to speed Reaching as many people as possible Not only do you need to understand your audience, you They should understand the capabilities of the computer that audience. ” Good web designers avoid the use of decorative elements in addition to all can try them. Nothing is more frustrating than visit a website “is supposed to have a nice animation and seeing an empty box, simply because your computer doesn ‘have the right browser plug-in (an additional program to give your browser more capable). Nor is any find a fun site that is coated on a wide screen screens, but unbearably tight (or even worse, partly female) in a tiny screen netbook. The creators of the most popular sites to consider carefully such issues. For example, consider the number of people whose computers let you buy

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Designing a website and accept credit card payments. You can also host Google ads or products hawk from the Amazon site to rake in some cash. You’ll learn about these great tricks in Chapter 14. Once you locate raison d’tre of your website, you need a better picture what are your visitors will be. Knowing and understanding your audience is vital to creating an effective site. (And do not even try to suggest you create a site just yourself-f were no reason to put it on the Internet at all!) The life of your site The Web is constantly changing. Web today is not the same as last year’s-r even Tissue from 15 seconds ago. Here are two valuable truths about life website: • The best sites are always improving. The creators add support for new functions of the browser, tweak their look to match the style trends, and major-ost of all-onstantly add new content. • If a site stops changing, it is a mechanical support. Many large websites have collapsed from neglect. Think of your favorite websites. Chances are, they change daily. A good website is not a please refer to again and leave behind. It is a site that bookmark and return to journals. In a sense, a website is like a TV channel. Although the authors did not add new information, the website shows repetitions. Creating a website is hard enough, and keeping content fresh is even more taxing. Here are some tips that can help you: • Think in stages. When first presented online website, you will not be complete. Instead, think of it as version 1, and start planning some changes for the next version. Slowly and step by step, you can add what you want site to have. • Select the places you can change regularly, and leave the rest alone. None so you can review and revise an entire website every week. Instead, your best strategy is to identify the parts you want to change tactics. On a personal website, For example, you could put in a separate news page and update only that page. In a small business website, you can focus on the home page, so that can advertise new products and upcoming specials. • Design a website that easy to change. This is the most difficult principle to follow, because it requires not only design, but a dash of hard-won experience. As you become more experienced web writer, you will learn how to simplify your life by making your pages easier to update. One method is to separate information several pages, so you can add new content without reorganizing your the entire site. Another is to use style sheets to separate the formatting of your page content (see Chapter 6). That way, you can easily install new hardware without having to reformat the content from scratch to match the rest of your page. 16 creating a website: the missing manual Designing a website Good Design Practice Every year, hundreds of pages “win” prizes to be hopelessly bad. Sometimes profile locations are spinning balls and hot pink text on lime-green background. Other times, have clunky navigation and grotesque flashes backgrounds. But no matter what the sins of design sites that are bad-ideously bad-again bizarre public.

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Facebook (www.facebook.com). Or, if you want a calendar-like your site to record life, work, or compulsive hat collection hobby, a personal blog may suit you fine (See, for example, www.blogger.com, which is discussed in Chapter 13). If you slightly more ambitious (say you want to chart five generations of family history) or you want complete control over design (blue forget Facebook), or if you just need a Home Internet to gather various interests, then a customized plan website is the sign of a person with real style. • Rйsumй sites are a specialized type of personal website and a powerful careerbuilding tool. Instead of photocopying a suitcase full of paper resumes, why not send emails and distribute business cards that point on your resume online; Best all with a little planning, online vita you can include more details than the tree-based counterpart, like links to old companies, an online portfolio, and even background music playing “YMCA” (definitely not recommended). • Hot sites focus on a specific topic that interests you. If you want more build a website for their favorite music, art, books, your food, political Traffic or American Idol contestants than it is to talk to you life itself, a topical site is for you. Before you set out to create a site, consider whether other people with similar interest will want to visit and take a look at existing sites on the subject. The best topical sites attract others with the same interest. The worst sites have the same connections dozen you can find anywhere else. Remember, the Web drowning in information. The last thing we need is another Megan Fox Fan Emporium. • Event sites are not designed to overcome the chronic-nstead, which revolve around a specific incident. A common example is a wedding website. The hosts event introduces provide guidance, general information, links to gift registries, some romantic pictures. When the marriage is over, the site disappears-r morphs into something different (as a personal site chronicling the honeymoon). Other events may be facing a similar way include family reunification, costume parties, or do-it-yourself protests. • Promotion of sites is ideal if you want to show you personally produced CD or hot-off-the-presses book. It is geared to get the word out for a specific item, whether handmade ceramics or your own software. Sometimes these sites evolve into small places where you really can sell your pastries (see «Small Business” bullet below). • Small businesses (or e-commerce) sites showcase the most successful use of Web-Elling everything from portable music players to prescription drugs. Ecommerce regions is so widespread that it is difficult to believe that when the Web was first created, making a buck was far from anyone’s mind. Creating a full e-commerce site like Amazon.com or eBay is far beyond the capabilities of a single individual. These sites require the support of complex projects and computer genius-level programming languages. But if you come Web site to make money, do not despair! Innovative companies such as pay Pal and Yahoo providing services that can help you build basket-Tyle sites Chapter 1: Preparing for the Internet 15

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a people can ‘use their computer to host a permanent Website-t not least without special software. If you’e still concerned, you can call your ISP to ask if they provide service to fixed IP address, and at what cost. Planning a website The last thing you need before you start building a website is to be buried under a avalanche theory. However, each new web page can save time and effort to do a bit ‘to plan ahead. In the following sections, we consider some guidelines to go fast on the right track. Types of sites You do not have much opportunity to create a successful website if you have not decided what is for. Some people have a precise goal in mind (like getting hired for a job or promoting a book), while others are only planning to release their self-expression. In any case, check the following list to get a handle on different types of Web sites can be created: • The personal websites are all about you. As the world becomes more and more web-savvy, it seems all is to build row houses. Whether it’s sharing images to Junior relatives, a chronicle of a trip to Kuala Lumpur, or simply send your latest thoughts and obsessions, a personal website is the place to do it. When designing a personal website, you are ambitious as you want be. If all you need is a hub for chatting with friends or a place to share images, can save you a lot ‘of problems with the signature on a social network as

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DOCTYPE, as described in Chapter 2 (page 30). • Test your website in different browsers. Before you pull off a hot design for a new site, create a test page and test the most popular browsers (Right now, ‘IE, Firefox and Chrome). In this way, you won ‘unintentionally create web pages that host your favorite browser ‘whims. Once crashes your initial design of the site, you can scale back your test just two browsers: IE and Firefox, or both Chrome (page rendering is usually consisting of Firefox and Chrome). Web Servers When you type a web address in a browser, a web server receives the browser request and sends back the correct web page. For a busy site, this basic activities can require a lot of work. As a result, web servers tend to be the computer industry. Even though the average Windows PC with the right setup can host a website, is rarely worth it (see box on page 13). Instead, many people have a commercial companies called web hosts, to give them a little ‘space on one of their servers, usually for a monthly fee. In other words, you need to rent space on the web. Sometimes, you can rent this space by the same company that uses Internet access, but may also include server space as part of the package of your Internet connection. But the simplest approach is to use a dedicated web hosting company. In any case, you’re going to copy the sites of new construction to some distant computer that will ensure that audiences around the world can enjoy your talents. Chapter 1: Preparing for the Web 13 Planning a website In Chapter 3 you will learn more about how a web browser navigate the Web to find a specific page. For now, focus on the big picture so you can start planning your first website. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Become a Web Host Can I run a web server? In theory, it is certainly possible. The Web was designed to be an open community, and nobody is out to stop you. In practice, it is not ‘all-or how easy computersavvy relatives you may have. A number of challenges monumental block all but the most ambitious people running their own servers. The first is that you must have a reliable computer that runs 24 hours a day. This computer also needs to perform special web hosting software capable of serving web pages when the browser request them. The next problem is that the computer requires a special type of Internet connection, called a fixed IP address. An IP address is a number that identifies your computer anywhere. (IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the standard super-success, which set out the rules govern how different devices communicate over a network.) In order to have your computer running a website and make sure others can find it, you must make sure your IP address is fixed-n other words, you need to lock down so that ‘not changing. Most ISPs (Internet Service Provider) randomly assigning new IP addresses as they’e and to modify a whim, which means more

Useful Webmaster Forums

Useful Webmaster Forums

In this age of computer and internet, we all tend to depend on the web, especially the webmaster. Therefore, it is not surprising to see useful webmaster forums surfacing, with a treasure chest of information for these web developers and webmasters. Any kind of issues relating to website designing, search rankings, web traffic, are discussed in these webmaster forums.

There are innumerable webmaster forums like webmasterworld, digitalpoint, sitepoint, warriorforum, that hold the key to major issues rising on the internet. They discuss a wide range of topics that are very helpful for the webmasters, Search Engine Optimization issues, Coding, programming, link building, web designing, graphic designing. One will find a webmaster forum exceptional and invaluable. Moreover, one can use these forums to do marketing too and publicize your services or a new website. You can use these forums to sell merchandise, links, content etc.
Look into these links to some useful webmaster forums.


Useful Software For Webmasters

Must-have softwares for making a website

Making a website and then keeping its ranking high on the search engines is complex and ongoing task. Webmasters are constantly looking out for the best toolkits and software that will help them to project not only a professional look for their website, but also get the search engines interested in them, so as to generate more web traffic. These useful software for webmasters help them to reach the top spot in minimum time. These softwares are used by webmasters who may comprise of entrepreneurs, business owners, web developers, IT professionals, to market their products and services in an affordable, flexible and effective way. The purpose behind is to influence a website’s position in the search engine result pages in appositive way.

Always use good software to create your website, keep it looking good and rank high on those search engines. Go through these links that offer useful software for webmasters.

Macromedia Dreamweaver Website Designing/Creating
Macromedia Fireworks Graphic Editing
WS_FTP Professional FTP Client
Advanced Find and Replace Soft for mass changing of details in multiple html files
SurfSolo Software for Private and Sacure Browsing
Eset Smart Security Antivirus and Computer Guard
CCleaner For keeping the PC garbige free
Defraggler Defragmentation Software
HDD Health software for checking your HDD health, not to have HDD surprisingly Dead.

Useful Payment Systems

Useful Payment Systems

Online business can simply come to a complete halt in the absence of reliable and useful payment systems. Catering to the growing colossal demand of online banking and business demands, you will come across a number of online payment systems and each with its own benefits. But in the long run, only those payments systems have survived and build a reputation that have been successful in offering reliable and honest services to their customers like moneybookers, paypal etc.
These useful payment systems have really made online banking seem like a breeze. Billions of dollars get transacted online every day and all thanks to these reliable payment systems online. Not only are they quick and easy but have become completely safe too. Gone are the days when people used to think that their funds and financial information is not safe on the web. Online payment systems have emerged to be very useful, successful and popular. The new and powerful encryption technologies have made this system safer and more trustworthy and one of the best medium for making quick and easy transactions

Browse these links for useful payment systems.

PayPal Best for general usage
MoneyBookers/Skrill Good for international transfers
Egold Good for anonymous transfers
Escrow Intermediary system for buying and selling products/goods/domains