How To Make SEO For Website

SEO or search engine optimization is extremely important for any website. If you do not want your website to go stagnant or dysfunctional, you will have to breathe life in it with the help of SEO. Today, when there are billions of sites surfed by people and with hundreds more getting added to the number every other day, it sure is not easy to reach to your potential visitors or customers for the website.

With the proper SEO, you not only make your website SEO friendly but also make sure it is not lost in those trillions of web pages online. But you need to implement the right strategies and design the planning phases of your marketing correctly for the best SEO.
How to make your website SEO friendly? Well, go through the following guidelines.

Keep your site simple
Keep your site simple and easy to follow. Make use of all those white spaces on your site so that it is visually appealing to your visitors. But don’t choke it with too many images or heavy content. The design should be simple yet attractive and the content to the point and informative.

No JavaScript or Flash
Use flash or JavaScript only when essential. Excessive use of these elements will only increase the loading time for the page and your visitor will simply move on without even looking at your page.

Organize the site properly
Make sure the website is user friendly and easy to navigate. People hate moving across sites that tend to confuse them and will probably stop surfing the website even if it is attractive and informative. Navigating should be simple, easy and include relevant anchor links on each page. Include a site map always. Navigations are best kept to the left.

Reduce the minimum loading time
Make sure the index or the home page takes minimum time to load. Visitors love it when they are able to open a site within seconds and navigate it freely. You would be able to reach a larger number of your potential visitors.

Check accessibility of the server
The web server that is hosting your website should be up 24 hours so that people can access the website any time of the day or night or you would be losing your business.

Useful content
Remember that visitors come to your website seeking info on some product or services. Make sure to offer them content that is relevant to the site. Insert useful and meaningful content that should be optimized for seo. The language should be easy to comprehend and interesting to read.

Gep back links
These are simply mentions of your website on other relevant sites. Whenever your site is talked about on another website online, it reflects the importance and popularity of your website and leaves a positive impact on the visitors. Hence, avoid being an island online and socialize to get a number of back links related to your niche to get noticed.

Make On-Page SEO
The information about on-page seo, h1, h2, h3 tags, meta tags and other elements will come soon…

How To Make A Website

Since you’re reading this book, you probably have decided to enter and participate in the Internet. Congratulations! Just as it undertakes a basic planning before finding a home in the real world, you need to do some ‘preparation before making the move to your new neighborhood online. In this chapter, you’ll get a good look at how the Web works, and learn what the ingredients needed to create your own website. Introduction to the World Wide Web Although not show its age, the Internet is older than you might think. L ‘ computer visionaries who created it began developing the idea in 1960. In 1969, the first broadcast took place on the Internet, including a computer University of California at Los Angeles and one at the Stanford Research Institute. As As pioneering moments go, it was not much to boast about, he has locked up computer when he reached the G in the word “login”. Yet, the revolution was under way. The early Internet was covered mostly by academics and government types. AND ‘flowers as a research tool and collaboration, allowing scientists everywhere share information. In 1993, the first web browser hit the scene. In subsequent years, new types of colonized peoples Internet, including buyers of books, news junkies, hobbyists, and a lot of lonely computer programmers. 8 Creating a website: The Missing Manual Presentation of World Wide Web Note: History buffs can follow the saga of the Internet in the early months of a lot more detail to internet / history and / navnet / History.html. Of course, the first Internet does not have much in common with today’s Internet. In 1969, the Internet community consisted of four computers, all beastly machines that no one but a government laboratory or academic institution could love (or afford). In 1981, however, less than 200 mainframe computer’s Internet population, and most people who use them were computer experts or scientists going on their work, day by day. Today, more than 100 million Web sites-nd many more King fans-online. No wonder you’re getting so much junk e-mail. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The Web against Internet There is a difference between the Web and the Internet? Newscasts, politicians and ordinary people often use these terms interchangeably. Technically, however, the concepts are different-nd is such as to confuse computer techies and other self-respecting nerd on the board. Internet is a network of computers that embraces the world. These computers are interconnected to share information, but there are a number of ways to do so, including email, instant messaging, transfer of file via FTP (which stands for File Transfer Protocol) and downloading pirated Hollywood blockbusters through Peer-to-peer (which, of course, you don ‘do). The World Wide Web is one of many ways to exchange information on the Internet. How do people tap in this information? You guessed it plans to use special-hey called Web browser to visit websites and web pages

How To Install WordPress

You can find the simple procedure for installing WordPress on their official website or on the video below. Installation process takes approximately 5 minutes. However, it might take several hours for getting it done correctly. If you are installing as a beginner, and you have a basic knowledge of FTP applications, database installing with help of hosting panels like cPanel/Plesk, then you can do it within ten to fifteen minutes. If you are entirely new to everything and rely completely on the step-by-step guide, then you might take thirty minutes or more to learn and install it.

The 5 – minute installation actually indicates that after placing the files in place and creating a database, the installation button will complete the process in 5 minutes. This lesson is about using the installation wizard.

Since we talk about self-hosted WordPress Version, it assumes that you already own a web space in a server. It is not same as having your own domain name. Domain names indicate the server where website files are located whereas having a hosting account means that you have a web space for storing the files. Certain hosts even provide auto-installation for WordPress. There are very little requirements for WordPress and certain hosting packages nowadays, as the even basic ones meet them. To be sure, you can check whether your hosting account has PHP version 4.3 or later installed and MySQL database version 4.0 or later installed.

Take the free domain and hosting (cheapest and most reliable one) at, then Download these free themes Here,follow the instructions and get your site up within just in minutes!

How To Choose Web Hosting

What are the factors to consider when choosing a web host? Whether you want to put up a personal site or a commercial one, it is essential to pick up your web host carefully. You would want more and more people to visit your site and for that you need to consider your web hosting services carefully. So spend some time and do your homework before hosting your site. Choosing web host is an important decision.
You will come across a plethora of web hosting providers and each of them will have their own pros and cons. You need to see which of these hosting services will meet your specific needs and requirements and give the best value for your money.

Every web hosting provider will offer different packages for you to pick from. The most popular of these is the ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ package. Here are a few steps and guidelines that will help you when choosing web host.

Focus on your needs first
Do you want to host a personal website for your friends and family or it is core commercial site to make money for you? The answer is the any website needs quality hosting at affordable prices. As each website is made with a particular aim in mind, you need to choose a web host that meets its specific needs.

Terms and agreements
Make sure the web host you have in mind offers simple and straight terms and conditions in black and white. The agreement should be clear and what services are expected from them. You should know what course of action to take in case the web host provider fails to stick to the rules of the agreement.

Tech Support and Troubleshooting
You are bound to face technical problems from time to time. Ensure that your web hosting company will be there with 24×7 support for any of your problems or concerns. It should help you overcome any technical snag as soon as possible with the help of a professional team, well experienced to handle any kind of issue with web hosting services. You should have an access to them via live chat, phone or email and have a list of personal contacts.

Reliability and speed of access
When you choose web host, some of the important aspects to look for are its speed and reliability. Look for a minimum uptime of 99% or even higher. With a growing competition among web host providers, it is common to see them trying to offer better services and speed. In case they do not meet the expectations, you should expect some kind of refund or discounts from them.

Flexible services
The web needs of your site may change form time to time. Your web host provider should be flexible to accommodate all your needs at all the times. May be your business is growing and you need greater bandwidth and advanced technology.

Enough Web spaces
Does the web host have enough space for your needs? Perhaps your website will expand in the coming years and need more space. Take all these factors into consideration when choosing a web host. It will all depend on how you use your site. Perhaps you may want to insert videos, audio files or loads of pictures on your personal or even business site.

Data center location
With the local search getting more popular and meaningful, local search engines tend to get more important as they focus more on the local sites hosted on local servers. Therefore it is always a good idea to go with local hosts with their data centers in your country.

Reputation of web host providers
With an ever rising number of such service providers, it can be a daunting task to reach the top web host services. It helps to research a bit, taking feedback and asking a few questions. Try to look into the reputation of these web host providers and go for the one with an excellent reputation. Look for the most reputed web host services in your country that will give you more than they promise.

The Cost Factor
Cost too is an important factor to consider when choosing web host but don’t let that be the only deciding factor. Going for service solely because of its low prices can defeat the very purpose of your website, especially if it is related to a business. Always look for a web host provider who is dependable, competent with great customer service and give you an over all profitability and satisfaction with your site.

So, how to choose a web host? We are sure if you keep the above points in mind, you will definitely end up picking a good and a reliable web host service that caters to all your particular needs and services the very purpose behind your putting up the site.

How To Choose Domain Name

Looking for the right and suitable domain name is one of the first and the most important steps in setting up a site. One needs to set aside some time in looking for the right domain name that does fit your future website and make it easier for your prospective customers or visitors to easily identify your website. Choosing domain name will need to be done carefully and with some great thought and purpose.

So what are some of the top factors to consider when choosing a domain name? Well, there lies some exact philosophy and process behind it.

Make them simple
The domain names should be no twisters as people will not remember them. Rather make them simple, fun and easy to remember. The golden rule to begin with is to make the domain name easy to spell and pronounce as well. Avoid keeping any complicated names.

Choose a Doman name that goes with your website
For example, it would be sensible to choose dictionary word. This makes it easy for your visitors to remember you.

Keep the domain name short
Long domain names tend to sound a little overwhelming and might intimidate your visitors. Make them short and simple so as to get more popular with masses. The character length of a typical domain name is 11 but generally people tend to keep it to 7.

Be expressive
A descriptive domain name will immediately connect you with your visitors. Well, you need to be a little creative here as to how to describe your website in a short domain name. Being descriptive doesn’t mean you end up making long domain names.

The right spellings
No spelling mistakes will do here. So make sure to register with the correctly spelled out domain name. Many people go for a wrong spelling on purpose to sound like a famous brand. But this is a bad taste.

Is your domain available?
Now that you have finally decided and hit upon a good domain name, that relates to your business, is short and is correctly spelt, you still need to check out on its availability. Perhaps it is already taken or the extension is not available.

Take the free top level domain along with web hosting (cheapest and most reliable one) at

How To Build A Website

Registration If you register on this book, you can enjoy special discount-ike in future editions of creating a website: The Missing Manual. Registration takes only a few clicks. type into your browser to hop directly to the registration page. Feedback Have questions? Need more information? Looking for a book by a critic? On our Feedback page, you can get the experts’ answers to questions that come to you while reading, Share your thoughts on this Missing Manual, and find groups of people Share your interest in creating their own sites. To say something, go to www.missing / feedback. Errata To keep this book as an updated and accurate as possible, every time you print multiple copies, we suggest you confirm any corrections. We also note the changes on the website of the book, so you can mark important corrections in your copy the book if you like. Go to to report an error and display existing corrections. 6 Creating a website: The Missing Manual Introduction Newsletter Our free newsletter keeps you updated on what’s happening in the Missing Manual land. You can meet authors and publishers, see video excerpts and bonus books, and more. Go to to sign up. Safari Books Online ® Safari Books Online is an on-demand digital library that allows you to easily search more than 7,500 reference books and creative technology and videos to find the answers you need quickly. With a subscription, you can read all the pages and watch any video from our library online. Read books on your mobile phone and mobile devices. first access to new titles are available for print, and gain exclusive access to the manuscripts in development posts and comments for the authors. Copy and paste code samples, organize your favorites, download chapters, sections bookmark key, create notes, print pages, and enjoy tons of other features to save time. O’Reilly Media uploaded this book for the service of Safari Books Online. To have full digital access to this book and others on similar topics by O’Reilly and others publishers to sign up for free 7 Chapter 1 Preparing for the Web The Web is an exciting place. Every day, millions of financial processes operations, serves the latest news and gossip, and provides a meeting place for any kind of political community by anarchists vampire-show fans.

How To Advertise Your Website For Free

Do you want to reach a wider audience and a larger number of visitors for your website? Then you need to advertise your website. But how to do it free? Well, this is exactly what we are going to focus on this page and that is to help you get aware on how to advertise your website for free. Read on.
There is no need to invest heavy amount sin advertising for your website when there are free ways of doing it. Get your creative mind working and be resourceful. Here is on how you can get to advertise your website for free.
First things first, make sure that you have a well optimized site before advertising for it. After all, advertising for a bad product is not going to help much. Make sure it is good in design, rich in quality content and supports user friendly navigations. Once you are sure that you have all the essential elements of a great site, go ahead and advertise it for free.

Submit your site
Reach out to various search engines and find their submission link. Add your site there. This will advertise your website for free and make it list in the web search.

Forums and Chat
Add your site to popular forums and chats and keep the url’s more specific. This will get more people interested in your website and motivate them to visit you and see what you have in store for them. Soon, you will develop a steady fan base and increase the number of potential members or clients.

Use the right keywords
This is another free way of advertising your website. Collect the relevant keywords relating to your website and insert them at the right place. Do some keyword research and you will soon have a fairly good idea on which of these are going to work in your favor. But do not over stuff your website with the keywords. The keyword density just has to be right about 3-4% of the body text. Use them naturally and organically. Remember that most online marketing campaigns still rely on good SEO for advertisement of the websites.

Get your site enlisted
Register in the online yellow pages. You will come across many websites that would be willing to put your banner for free on their website. You can advertise their website and get them to advertise yours. This mutual cooperation can help increase the web traffic. You can also encourage back links with many sites too to advertise your site for free.

Join online communities
Socialize a lot online, and join forums and communities. Make new friends and carefully introduce your website to them. There are many popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that will help you meet millions of new faces. You are bound to get a small number of them interest in your website or its product and services. Just try to link your website to everything you do online.

Create a Blog
Another free way of advertising your website is to create a blog about it and encourage people to join and leave their comment about it. Just make the place interesting and interactive for you visitors so that they like to come back to it and leave a comment. You will come across many other sites that would be willing to host your blog.

E-mail Marketing:
E-mail marketing is one of the most influential marketing tools available to advertise. You can send hundreds of email at no cost and make countless people aware about your site.

Press releases
Get timely, topical news to share about your website. Take advantage of free press release submission sites to generate higher traffic and advertise your website. Promote your events, free offers or any competitions to create interest in the masses.

Article marketing
The latest trend these days is to talk about site in an article and submit it on hundreds of sites taking your article for free. This is a good free way to advertise your website without spending a dime. More and more website owners are now opting to use article submission to get their sites and products advertised.
Just follow the above tips and guidelines if you want to advertise your website for free. Not only will you get more exposure and more hits, soon you will have a strong base of regular and loyal visitors. With the right amount of resourcefulness and the right ideas, your website could well be well known within a short period of time.

Free Web Templates

Introduction • Part Four: Website frills. Now you can create a professional web site work, because it is not covered with extra features such as illuminated push buttons and pop-out menu? She did not know the details of brain-bending how to become a hardcore JavaScript programmer, but you will learn enough to use free miniprograms JavaScript their pages to perform basic operations (Chapters 15 and 16). I also dabble with movie clips and add an MP3 music player directly into a normal Web page (Chapter 17). • Part V: Appendixes. At the end of this book, you will find two appendices. The first gives a quick reference for HTML. It explains the essential HTML elements and points to the appropriate chapter of this book further discussion. The second appendix lists a bunch of useful links can help you learn more, free stuff, and register for useful services. Not concern-ou do not need to type these links in the Web browser by hand. It ‘s all waiting for you in the missing page CD for this book to www.missingmanuals .com/cds/caw3. About these arrows ➝ ➝ In this book, you’ll find sentences like this: “To remove Word formatting controls, select Edit ➝ Clear ➝ Clear Formatting. “This is shorthand for a very more education that addresses menu to open three in sequence, like this: “Open On the Edit menu, click Edit in the menu bar. In the Edit menu, click Delete to opens a second menu. In this menu, click Clear Formatting to complete the process. ” Figure I-1 shows a closer look. Figure I-1: In this book, the arrow notations help to simplify folder and menu instructions. For example, “Hoose Edit ➝ Clear ➝ Clear Formatting” is a more compact way of saying “ROM From the Edit menu, click Clear, from the submenu that appears, choose Clear Formatting “, as shown here. Do Introduction 5 Introduction With regard to on-line resources As the owner of a Missing Manual, you have more than just a book to read. Online, you will find the sample files, as well as tips, articles, and maybe a video or two. You may also communicate with the team Missing Manual and tell us what you like (or hate) about the book. Head over to, or go directly to a the following sections. The missing CD This book has a CD stuck inside the back cover, but there are on anything. Go to to download samples web page designs are discussed in this book and additional information. So that Do not wear your fingers to type long web addresses, the page offers CD missing a list of clickable links to the websites mentioned here. Tip: If you’e looking for a specific example, here ‘s a quick way to find it: Look at the figure in this book. The file name is usually seen at the end of the text in the web browser’s address’. To For example, if you see the URL c: \ Create a website \ Chapter 2 \ popsicles.htm (Figure 2-2, page 21), you’l know that the sample file corresponding popsicles.htm.

Free Website Templates

No one owns the web. As a result, no one is responsible for teaching you how to use it or how to build a house for yourself online. Here’s where to create a website: The Missing Manual comes in. If the Web has had an instruction manual-it that minutely details the basic ingredients, the tricks to save time, and striking embellishments each site needs-his book would be. Macintosh and Windows One of the highlights of the World Wide Web is that it’s really all over the world: everywhere you live, from Aruba to Zambia, the Web is looking forward to your company. L ‘ The same applies to the computer used to develop your site. From an early Model Windows PC The latest version of Mac, you can implement the tactics, tools and tricks described in this book with virtually any type of computer you have. (Of course, some programs encourage an operating system over another, but you will hear these differences that come up every time.) The good news is that this book is usable and suitable for computer owners of all stripes. About the Outline This book is divided into five parts, each with several chapters: • Part One: Welcome to the web. In this part of the book, you can start planning your website (Chapter 1). You will learn the basic principles underlying HTML, the language of the Web (Chapter 2), and you put your pages online with a reputation for hosting society (Chapter 3). Finally, you look like you can simplify your life using a web page editing software (Chapter 4). • Part Two: Building Better Web pages. This section shows how to add essential elements to your pages. First, learn your way around the CSS standard, that specifies the color of fantasy, fonts and borders (Chapter 6). Next, you will add images to your pages (chapter 7) and create an entire website linked pages (Chapter 8). Finally, you’ll master some slick layout (Chapter 9) and learn how to standardize their entire site (Chapter 10). • Part Three: Connecting with the public. The third part of the book explains how to get your site noticed by search engines such as Google (Chapter 11), and as a reel of web traffic (Chapter 12). You’ll also look at the blog (short for web log) and the free software that lets you create them (chapter 13). Finally, you’ll learn how to get the path to riches or web publishing ads sell their products (Chapter 14). 4 Creating a website: The Missing Manual

Free Website Hosting

he sees it. That’s why you’ll learn how to choose the best web hosting company, Choose a domain name (such as, and get your masterpiece online. Do not panic-Lenty cheap web hosting companies are ready to show from your site for pennies a day. • Attracting visitors. You will learn how to make sure people can find your site using search engines and how to build an online community that encourages repeat visits. • Get Rich (or at least earn a few cents). The Web is one of the pillars of retail commerce, but also ordinary people can make money hawking their favorite goods (Amazon) by selling its products (with a payment Listings of services such as PayPal), or the view (with Google). You will learn how to get in on the appeal. • Pile on the frills. Each site is worthy of some fresh makeup. You will learn How to impress visitors with cool buttons, menus, slick, flashy, and other elements, courtesy of JavaScript. You’ll also learn how to (shudder), serenade visitors with background music. What you need to start This book assumes that you have nothing more than a reasonable up-to-date computer and ambition first. Although there are dozens of web editing high-power programs that can help build a website, you don ‘need to use this book. In fact, if you use a web editor to first understand how websites work, you that might create more problems than it solves. This is because, as helpful as these programs are, you shield learning the principles of good site design-principles that can make the difference between an attractive, easy to maintain web creation and design a disorganized nightmare. Once you master the basics, you can use a fancy web page editor such as Microsoft Adobe Dreamweaver or Expression Web. In this book, you will have an overview of how these two work leading programs, and discover some great free alternatives (Chapter 4). Introduction 3 Introduction Note: In any case you need to know anything about programming complex web technologies such as Java or ASP.NET. You also don ‘need to know anything about databases or XML. These arguments are fascinating, but insanely difficult to implement without some solid programming experience. In this book, you’l learn how to create the best site possible without becoming a programmer. (Yes, However, learning just enough about JavaScript to use many free samples can be found online.) About this book