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These days, it is almost impossible to find someone who is not ‘heard of Internet. Businesses to create websites before making business plan. Political activists to skip the debate and trash-talk their opponents online. Even technophobic grandmothers already spend hours emailing old friends (and sales the odd family heirloom on eBay). The Internet has also changed our language: Google and friends are now verbs, for example, and tweet has nothing to do with birds. As you surely know, you can establish a web presence in many ways. You can chat with friends through a Facebook page, share pictures with the photographers who share Flickr, put your home videos on YouTube, or write short blurbs diary-style on a blog hosted by a service like Blogger. But if you’re ambitious enough to have picked up this book you’re after the gold standard of the Web: a web site in good faith to call their own. What can you do with a website that you can not do with email, social networking, and other web-based services? In a word: nothing. Your personal site only a permanent place to store your resume or hub an inventory of e-commerce site that sells personalized underwear? (Hey, is made more a millionaire.) The point is that a personal website gives you the power to decide exactly what it is-nd the control to change everything on a whim. If you are already using other web-based services such as YouTube and Facebook, you can do them part of your website, as we shall see in this book. For example, why not put YouTube videos of your cat to play pool in your website, next to your cat custom merchandise? Of course, with great power comes great responsibility-if you decide that EANING to build your site, it is up to you to make sure that does not seem as hokey 1960 2 Creating a website: The Missing Manual Introduction yearbook portrait. And that’s where this book comes in. With this book by your side learn how to: • Create web pages. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language of Internet. Over the last decade, a modernized version of HTML, called XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language), HTML gradually eclipsed, and now joins another new version known as HTML5. In this book, you can sort through these standards and learn how to write the most up-to-date, reliable web pages. • Create pages look good with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS takes where HTML leaves off, adding muscle formatting that can transform the drabbest Site pages in a family of coordinates that look like they were professionally designed. Best of all, once you understand the right way to use CSS, you will be able to apply a new look to your entire site by editing a single file. • Put your site online. largest site in the world is not very good if no one

Useful Ebooks For Webmasters

Usefull Webmaster Ebooks

Web developers and web designers today, need to keep themselves updated with the new programming languages and latest software that keep surfacing on the web every now and then. As the internet remains in an evolving phase all the time, it is essential for the web masters to keep handy a couple of eBooks to remain updated. They need to be aware of all those viruses that are a threat for them, start online business, how to make money ideas, online promotion etc.

Best Ebooks for webmasters offer templates, tools for the webmasters, info on the latest technologies, web designing tips, and everything that is new in the web technologies. As a webmaster, always go for the eBook that you feel will fulfill all your needs and enhance your knowledge in the right direction and help you improve on the website and draw traffic to the website
Noted Web experts offer these E-books, mostly for free, so that the webmasters can make use of them to promote their website, works on the design and marketing and help improve on the search engine rankings.

Browse through the links below for useful ebooks for webmasters.

Benefits of WordPress

Benefits of Word press in Website Design:

WordPress offers you various useful tools for organizing the contents of your website. However, the tools provided, operate in different ways, like a single category of word-processing software contains individual buttons to create lists. Nevertheless, you should understand the difference between the buttons and which button must be used for creating a list, and also find out different ways to use lists within your documents. This article is about learning how WordPress works and how to use it for organizing your contents in a flexible and efficient manner from the initial stage. Just download these free themes Here, take the free domain and hosting (cheapest and most reliable one) at, follow the instructions and get your site up within no time!

Static versus Dynamic Websites

When you view a website in the Internet Explorer or any web browser, you will find a single web page filled with various contents like videos, photos, graphics, text, etc, similar to a newspaper or magazine. However, actually what you see in a browser is nothing but a sequence of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) instructions. Hence, ultimately, HTML code is one element, which is running on the background, while you visualize a printed page with text and images on the front end. However, there is a crucial difference between a printed page and HTML page. The HTML code which is fed to your web browser might be single element while reaching the browser, but it might not remain as a single element waiting in the web server, which waits for browsers to fetch it, similar to a journal lying on a new stand for getting purchased. HTML remains as a part of code, which gets integrated into a single element when the browser retrieves it from the web server. This is the difference between static and dynamic web pages. Static pages are entire sets of HTML, which wait to get retrieved from the web server, while dynamic pages are portions of HTML code, which get compiled while being retrieved from the server by the browsers. (Certain systems store static reports of dynamically developed pages for safeguarding the server from getting overloaded, but ultimately such pages will be dynamically created). What I expect you to learn from this lesson especially is to avoid static web pages and focus on using dynamic pages. You should have obtained a fair idea on how the contents of web page should be designed.

Content Management Systems

CMS or Content Management systems serve the purpose of dynamic creation of web pages, which involves assembling of pieces of code (web contents) and combining them into a single web page. The CMS also performs other functions like offering an easy method for users in managing the content pieces.
It’s not sufficient that a CMS allows to you to upload images and enter textual content, but it should also make it simple to find out a relationship between different pieces of contents. Choosing an article category will inform the CMS to combine the pieces of code in a certain way while a person on the internet demands a page in the website.

Every person should understand the complete role of CMS while thinking about content management; it helps you to build websites without the need to have HTML knowledge. Why not consider having a Content management system for managing individual page contents?
This type of compiling together appears like a lot of additional burden. If you have a website with five pages, which never change, it might appear true.

However, when you consider a 5 page website, the top header or section shall appear on all web pages in your website. Though a CMS is used for static pages, you can still alter the graphics of all individual pages one by one, since they are separate pieces of HTML code.

Now consider that task on a website with 5000 pages. Even with the potential to search and replace, you might have to upload 5000 pages newly on the server and alter the older version, and repeat it again whenever there is another amendment in the design of the website.

By splitting, the contents of every HTML page into separate pieces of code, the content management system offers you with enormous flexibility. If you wish to get 3000 pages various types of headers than other 2000, it can be easily accomplished with the content management system.

Consider a business situation when your business partner expects you to change 500 different articles to different category? It can be easily achieved using the CMS. With CMS, you shall welcome changes with a smile. One of the greatest benefits of Website over printed media is that you can change whatever content whenever you want. The benefit of using CMS rather than developing dynamic or manual web pages is that you can manage changes easily, which is the major purpose of WordPress Content Management system. Just download these free themes Here, take the free domain and hosting (cheapest and most reliable one) at, follow the instructions and get your site up within no time!

Affiliate Networks and Site Monetization Tools

Affiliate Networks and Site Monetization Tools

Affiliate networks and site monetization tools have come a long way ever since they were introduced in the mid nineties and have become much more complex. That clearly means one has to be much more educated on them to stay ahead and make money. The cut-throat competition getting the lion’s share of web traffic, it is essential for one to know the right ways to monetize their authority sites. If you look around popular websites, you will see that they are being more innovative and follow the right site monetization tools and have built stronger affiliate networks to generate a higher flow of website traffic.

The most rewarding affiliate networks and site monetization tools are the ones with life commission packages.a couple of good and reliable names are linkshare, shareasale, maxbounty… adsense..infolinks etc. 2-tier affiliate network are extremely popular among the visitors and offer multi-income facility. Latest softwares and web marketing tools are helping to monetize authority sites and even the smallest detail of the website counts here like the content, copywriting of the text, web design etc.
Below are some links pointing to the best Affiliate networks and site monetization tools.